Antwort aus Kazanlak

Die aktuelle Situation in Kazanlak beschreibt George:

Dear brother Heinrich and sister Anette,

Thank you for writing and asking how we are. Praise God we are doing well. The situation with the coronavirus is getting bad, but as church we can still meet – whoever wants. We usually get 10-20 people per service now.

Thanks be to God, the new electronics allow us to live-stream the church service over Facebook. All we need is a good phone and a 3g signal and facebook and it works. We have about 35 people watch our online service. For the elderly people, we make phone calls and pray over the phone with them.

For now, the church medical clinic is closed by the government. The Soup kitchen is working, but we have the feeling they will close it as well. We work until the order comes not to. If the measures got stricter by the government we will not be able to leave our homes. We will see – we are trying to get the most of the time we are given at the moment. (Ephesians 5:15-16)

The way they talk, we might be in this difficult situation for 2-3 months. We were thinking of continuing the soup kitchen until Easter or until it gets shut down. Also, we were thinking of getting food helps for the widows and the elderly and distribute it to their homes. Would it be possible for you to help us with that? We have enough money for the SoupKitchen untill April 19 (Easter here), but for food packages we do not have. We were thinking of having 8 Euro per package (enough food for a month) for 100 packages. Could you help us with that?

I read yesterday that Merkel shut down all church gatherings. I guess it is a serious situation there.

Thank you for your prayers. We do pray for the Petrigemeinde and the Nadezda team every wednesday. 

Your brother – George